!!! Two Peregrines observed on territory at the Hamilton Sheraton hotel nest site!!! Surge is still away in re-hab!!

January 28, 2015 - Hamilton - Sheraton Hotel

CPF Postmaster Reports:

Wednesday Jan. 28th - 2015
We have just received a report that two peregrines are in fact visible at the Hamilton Sheraton hotel nest site and we know that Surge is NOT one of the two peregrines being observed!!

As you know, this past weekend, Surge, the long standing resident territorial adult male at the Hamilton Sheraton nest site was retrieved from the sidewalk with some injuries that were very consistent with that of a full contact fighting with another raptor. Without witnesses, we can only speculate that his injuries may have been sustained as a result of fighting with another peregrine.

That being said, the fact does remain, that as of today, there are two peregrines currently being observed on site at the Hamilton Sheraton Hotel so we’re being told! While there is no confirmation of their identities as yet, there is a strong possibility that at least one new male peregrine is now on the territory.

Surge of course is still at the Owl Foundation recouping from the injuries that he sustained this past weekend, and is currently on a 14 day antibiotic routine to reduce the possibility of any infections, in addition to the worming medication to clear up his little internal parasite challenge.

As with most of these hostile take-overs, the surviving peregrine is usually left on site holding the territory on their own, (in this case, it still may be Madam X), and it is not likely that she is very happy about having this new “intruder” in HER territory! It is also very likely that she may be involved in battles of her own to get rid herself of the stranger!

While this sort of mate changing happens all of the time, and far more often than you would realize, (as this is mothers natures way of sustaining the species by mixing up the gene pool), as you might expect, it doesn’t always happen with the blessing and immediate acceptance of the resident territorial mate that is left on the territory holding the site!

You can expect that when Surge is released, that he will have only one thing on his mind,, and that will be to get back to his home territory and his mate!

So, stay tuned for further updates as they come in, as it is likely to get far more interesting!!!