!!! New resident adult female has been identified as Lily from Grand Haven Michigan USA!

March 16, 2015 - Hamilton - Sheraton Hotel

CPF Postmaster Reports:

March 16th-2015
Well, it would appear that its change-over time at many of the southern Ontario urban nest sites, weather the causes are due to injuries, deaths and / or territorial disputes or simply hostile take-overs,,, (among the most recent causes),,, there are a number of other new boys and girls in town taking over some of the existing occupied territories.

Spring is in the air!!!!

Most recently, as a result of the ongoing territorial disputes and squabbling at the Hamilton Sheraton nest site, (and with the injury and replacement of Surge), we quickly noticed that the long standing resident adult female - (Madam X,,, a.k.a. Run-Around-Sue) had disappeared from the Hamilton Sheraton nest site and been replaced with a new adult female dawning a very unique Green over Black leg band configuration!!

What makes this particularly interesting, is the fact that the Green over Black leg band that has been observed being on this new Sheraton female is actually upside-down! The Black should be on the top and the Green should be on the bottom. The band was obviously put on the bird at banding upside down. This is of course very important when it come to the birds identification and origin.

The Black over Green aluminum bands were issued to the Michigan State Wildlife authorities by the Federal United States Fish and Wildlife in the USA along with a complete serious of consecutively numbered Black over Green aluminium leg bands,, and this particular alpha-numeric sequence falls in sequence with the other bands both issued and used in Mich. state in 2010.

This being confirmed by our friends at the MDNR in Michigan USA, the leg band number is Black *P over Green *E. As such, this band number is recorded to have been placed on a 2010 produced female banded peregrine that was both produced and banded in Grand Haven, Michigan USA.
Her name is Lily!

I am to understand after talking with the CPF head office this afternoon, that Tracy Simpson has a far more detailed report to post with regards to her site observations of the events and timelines.

Stay tuned……………….