!!! New Tiercel Tentatively ID’d by Hamilton Falconwatchers

March 11, 2015 - Hamilton - Sheraton Hotel

Kathy Reports:

The Hamilton Falconwatch Team has tentatively ID’d the new tiercel hanging around Madame X.  With Tracy Simpson’s help they were able to match a O/8 to a young 2012 bird banded at William Osler in Etobicoke.

Hamilton, say hello to Ossie! Based upon a slightly blurry look at leg bands this afternoon, we have tentatively identified the new male at the Hamilton nest as a bird that was banded in 2012 at the William Osler Hospital in Etobicoke. His parents were Hurricane (male) and Chessie (female). This is “tentative” until we can get a clearer look at the bands, to be sure that the upper character is the letter “O” and not the number “0″ (or something else), as it is the former that identifies him as Ossie. So for now, that’s what we’ll be calling him. Welcome to Hamilton, Ossie!