!!! Territorial activity observed at Hearn!!

March 13, 2015 - Toronto - Hearn Power Station

CPF Postmaster Reports:

Friday March 13th - 2015
I had an opportunity to get down to the old OPG Hearn plant on Unwin Ave this evening on my way home to check on the status of the resident Hearn peregrines, and was delighted to see at one of resident peregrine falcons on site, overlooking its domain. Actually, the adult colored peregrine was perched high up on the smoke stack, roosting on the top of the west facing white strobe light , 3/4 the way up the smoke stack.

I watched the peregrine roosting on the strobe light for approx.40 minutes after my arrival, and then watched it make an incredible dive and stoop on a large black coloured bird close to the base of the smoke stack. The peregrine dove and stooped down so fast that I couldn’t even follow it with my bare eyes, and it was only after the explosion of feathers when it hit the smaller bird, did I realize that it had come that close to the base of the smoke stack and the ground level!!. Moments later, it re-appeared back in my view against the lighter blue sky with a kill in its clutches and I watched the peregrine utilize the air movements to gain altitude as it snaked back and forth around the west side of the smoke stack finally ascending to the highest upper most white blinking strobe light (almost at the very top of the large smoke stack on the south side), where it finally landed and eventually chowed down to eat its prize!

What an incredible display of determined, focused talent!!

I finally departed at dusk when the light simply disappeared making it too difficult to see much of anything. As a foot note, I have long since forgotten just how dark it gets down there, given the lack of street lights and other ambient light that would normally come from other hi-rise buildings.

Sadly, I didn’t have my camera this go-round, but I promise that I won’t forget it next time!!!
Stay tuned,,,,,,