!!! We have just received observations and evidance that there just maybe nesting peregrines at the OPG Nanticoke plant!!

April 20, 2015 - Nanticoke OPG

Mark Nash Reports:

April 20th - 2015

A big thank you to Linda and her collogues who were down a the Nanticoke Power generation station this past week (while cleaning out some of the swallow nesting boxes) for their observation report of peregrine activity. Linda reports that a peregrine was observed flying with food, then going into a area of the facility to a potential nesting spot,, (one that we suspected several seasons ago that a pair of peregrines attempted to nest).

Linda and her collogues will be back down to the plant again later this week and will take a more detailed look for additional activity and evidence of nesting.

From her reports, it does indeed appear that a food drop was being done to an incubating peregrine in a concealed nesting spot.
Stay tuned for further updates…..