Another Amazing Update from Michigan!!! Mystique!!!

May 10, 2015 - London - TD Tower

Tracy Simpson Reports:

For the first time in her history in Michigan, Mystique has hatched a full clutch of chicks!!!!!

Mystique was hatched in London, Ontario in 2006 and banded along with her two siblings.  She made her first appearance in Detroit in 2008 near the Fisher building but was not nesting at that time.  She established herself in the territory by 2009 but still no nesting.  Since her arrival in Detroit she has laid several clutches of eggs that failed to hatch and has only hatched one chick so far…   …until now!!!  She has hatched at least three eggs with her mate who is still believed to be Horus from Akron, Ohio (same nest and parents as our O’Connor at Islington and Bloor).  Please enjoy this update from Barb Baldinger and Chris Becher from the Southeast Michigan peregrine monitoring team and the Michigan DNR as this news and their efforts make for one amazing story of our girl Mystique!

April 23rd Update

Last November, Chris Becher and Barb Baldinger installed a nest tray in one of the window wells at the Fisher Building that Mystique (black 20/W) and Horus (b/g 89/P) unsuccessfully attempted to use in the past. Today, we were happy to find Mystique incubating four eggs! This week, we also witnessed nest relief at AT&T in Pontiac, at UD Mercy in Detroit and at Parklane Tower in Dearborn. All good news!

May 6th Update

Update from the Fisher Building, Detroit: Chris Becher and Barb Baldinger were happy to see a pile of babies in the nest tray we installed last fall. Great news for Mystique and her mate! (Possibly still Horus, but not confirmed.)