!!! Mt. Sinai, Behaviour change from Hunter

May 12, 2015 - Toronto - Mount Sinai Hospital

Linda Woods Reports:

Again today spent some time at Mt. Sinai Hospital peregrine site, as I have done so every day for the past few weeks. Today, a change in behaviour from Hunter. Usually I see a hand off of the 6th ledge and the adult finds a place to rest before heading out and out of view. Today, Hunter was unsettled. He would visit the 6th ledge and take off and sit on a nearby roof.  Minutes later he would return to the 6th ledge, walk to the back and come out again and take off. He would then sit for a few minutes and return to the 6th ledge. This is very encouraging and it would fit a time line of nesting behaviour. Perhaps a hatch is close if not already. Just have to wait for food to go in and stay in. As the weeks progress it is very encouraging to see that behaviour from both Seven and Hunter has been maintained. Unlike years past, they would get to a certain point of ‘incubation” and then both adults would be seen flying in the area and not returning to the chosen ledge.  Here’s hoping for a successful year for Hunter and his new mate Seven.