!!! Not Looking Good

May 17, 2015 - Toronto - Mount Sinai Hospital

Linda Woods Reports:

I arrived on site shortly after 9am and found Seven on the west side of a building south of the Hospital. Hunter was on the curtain rod of the north Bay St condo. At around 10:00am, Seven flew towards the east ledges and entered the seventh ledge and disappeared into the back. Hunter was still in his hiding spot on the Bay st condo. It is common for the adults to leave eggs unattended during the warm weather, but usually one adult has the nest in view or they return directly to┬áthe nest. With the sun directly on the ledge, if there were a hatch at this time, one of the adults would be shading the new nestling from the sun. This wasn’t seen.

Observations will continue, but this change in behaviour is very similar to what I have seen in previous years when the eggs have failed. Let’s hope for the best.