!!! By all reports, things seem to be going well, full time incubation continues with 4 eggs still present, and both adults still attending!

May 27, 2015 - Brampton - Courthouse

Mark Nash Reports:

May 27th - 2015
Just a quickly update, with both Toivo and Grace reporting that although the waiting for something to happen is driving every one a little crazzzy, (watching peregrines incubate for over a month is kinda like watching paint dry),, both resident adults are still very active in their shift changes as they continue to incubate their eggs.

Based on their best guess, (based on when we believe that the pair started their full-time incubation), we are expecting a hatch by early to mid next week.
Marion reports that the property manager had another opportunity to take a closer look through the office suite window and they have confirmed that there are still four eggs and none have hatched as yet.

Given the odd unseasonal temps., going up and down like a yo-yo, many of the resident adult females have been sticking pretty tight to their eggs during the incubation , (and during the early stages of them brooding new hatchlings),, and as such, its been very difficult to see much of anything.

Toivo and Grace also report that the American Kestrels are back (also nesting) and they have been watching both families of falcons - (the Peregrines and Kestrels) involved in several intense territorial disputes! One moment the resident adult female Kestrel is seen both harassing, dive-bombing and chasing the resident adult Peregrine, than moments the tables are turned, and the peregrine is now stooping on and chasing the Kestrel!

Mother-hood full of hormones!! Its breeding season alright!

This has been going on for several weeks now!

With two sets of falcons in the same territory, (both nesting a hopefully producing offspring), one of the last places on this planet that you would want to be if you were a bird, is anywhere near this territory and these two falcon families!!

Stay tuned for additional news as it become available……….