!!! Banding Day At Oshawa Lakeridge Hospital - It’s a Boy

June 15, 2015 - Oshawa - Lakeridge Hospital

Marion Nash Reports:

Banding day was a great success! The Hospital staff and management really pulled together to make everything go smoothly. Their support and help to install a nest box for the female to lay her eggs was especially important this season as there have been many failed nest sites where no eggs hatched and production was low this year overall.

There were 4 eggs laid but only one has hatched likely because of the cold spring we had but the little chick is a very healthy boy.

The Hospital came up with a great name Atlas who weighed 750 grams big for a boy of 26 days old. His Canadian Band number is Y 18.

The fledge watch will start in about 10 days and we are looking for volunteers to help keep an eye on the little fellow during his first few flights so if you are interested in coming our to help support your baby falcon please contact us at head office at 416-481-1233.

We are working out details with the Hospital now to install a web cam and hope to do so in the fall so stay tuned for a real treat Oshawa.