First Day of MEC Watch

June 04, 2015 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Tracy Simpson Reports:

Thank you to all who were out at the watch today for day one of this community stewardship program.  Katherine started off the day yesterday morning with a quick check before heading in to work and all three girls were now in the window well play fort.  They were bopping around and having fun until all their breakfast energy was spent.  It wasn’t long before the three were basking in the morning sun and relaxing.  Margaret arrived around 9am and was joined by Grace.  For the most part the day was relatively calm.  Window well adventures, preening and napping were high on the agenda until late afternoon when the three girls began the call for food.  In a baby peregrine’s world, screaming is most effective by flapping madly while doing it and so they all made sure that the adults were paying attention.  By 2pm Bruce had joined the watch and things began to get interesting.

The resident adult female, Midnight, who I am sure was sensing the perfection of the moment (wind speed, direction, lighting, etc.) began a campaign that was bent on getting someone airborne.  Midnight did fly-bys with food, touch and go landings and every other trick in her arsenal.  This went on for over an hour and by Bruce’s account, the only thing she didn’t do was push one off herself!  The three girls were excited by all of this but were not inspired to follow through.  A valiant effort by Midnight and surely shows us what her intentions are for her three offspring…  …let’s get to the air!!!  Winston arrived for the evening close and a good feed came in at 8pm and Midnight beak fed all three.  By 8:30 the girls were calming down and by 9pm the resident adult male, Renegade, arrived with more to eat.  He decided to let the girls do with it what they will, dropped the package off, and left for his night watch post.  By dusk two of the girls were in the box sleeping with the third in the window well.

Thank you to all of the watchers that participated yesterday!  Today should be a raucous day as Midnight continues her efforts to get the girls out and flying.