!!! Hamilton Sheraton Banding Success! 2 very healthy females!

June 04, 2015 - Hamilton - Sheraton Hotel

Mark Nash Reports:

June 4th - 2015
Banding Day!
Hamilton Sheraton Hotel banding success!

A good day this morning and a huge thank you to John Millar, CPF’s volunteer climber who gave up another day of his holidays for the sixth time so far this year to do the extraction of the young peregrine hatchlings that were produced at the Hamilton Sheraton Hotel. Another big thank you to the Hamilton Sheraton Hotel management for both hosting the banding and for allowing the banding to be held in their Guest Club Lounge again this year!
Another thank you to Anne Yagi and the Vineland district office of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests for coming in again this year to band the young hatchlings.

Both resident adults were on hand to voice their opinion and object to the procedure but none were the worse for ware and their daily life returned back to normal once the two hatchlings were returned back to the nest ledge. Just another routine day for the resident peregrines defending their nest and territory from intruders,, with a happy ending having successfully scared off the intruders! :-) :-) :-)

All in all, a good day with two very healthy female peregrine hatchlings having been successfully banded and brought back to their parents. Their particulars are as follows,,
The first female - 728 grams, female, Black banded K over 28, named McMaster, with White Tape
The second female - 730 grams, female, Black banded K over 29, named Barton with Yellow Tape

You can see the video footage from the CPF helmet cam at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSHlNQ5LCbkTPps432yxEaQ