!!! Little Atlas has some re-hab time with a broken wing,, but the prognosis for a quick turn-around and recovery and release looks very promising!

July 23, 2015 - Oshawa - Lakeridge Hospital

Mark Nash Reports:

July 23rd - 2015
A very busy day indeed for us all with Mark running out to rescue a trapped fledgling from behind a glass balcony and Tracy running out to Oshawa to rescue a downed fledgling on the ground!

While I don’t have much of the details, we will have to wait for Tracy’s rescue report, the telephone was ringing off the hook today at the CPF head office with downed and trapped fledglings in both Scarborough and Oshawa.

Sadly, little Atlas was recovered from the sidewalk near the Oshawa City Hall today having sustained a non-life threatening injury that was diagnosed after x-rays with a broken wing! The much better news, is that his broken wing is very repairable and his prognosis for a quick turnaround for his release after a short rehab looks really promising!

Stay tuned for more details to follow……….