!!! Burlington Lift Bridge nest site - down from 5 eggs to 2,,, and no hatch as yet!

May 25, 2016 - Burlington - Lift Bridge

Mark Nash Reports:

May 25th - 2016

Sorry for the late update, but we have been out of the office and on the road at bandings for the past six days and not getting much office time as a result. As you might expect,, we are back into 12 plus hour days with the many bandings.

A big thank you to the great folks down at the lift bridge and the PWGSC for being able to do some of the close monitoring for us this season,, and for the photo updates that they have been able to sent into us.

Sadly, it would appear that the pair are now down to two eggs, from the original five eggs that they originally laid. Last week, the resident adult female kicked out two more eggs and later ate them,, leaving the last two remaining eggs.

While the pair are still down into hard incubation of the two remaining eggs, it might appear that a hatch will not be a given. Only time will tell.
The attached photo, shows the resident adult male attending to the incubation duties with his Black Canadian recovery band clearly visible.

Stay tuned for more updated news as it becomes available………………………