Flight Report

June 13, 2016 - Windsor - Ambassador Bridge

Marilyn Weller Reports:

Gordie has been doing some beautiful flights this evening. He does seem to enjoy landing on the bridge handrails though! He took a few flights where he was chasing his parents around and eventually landed quite well on the top ledge of the bridge side abutment. Voltaire brought in a nice package to reward him.

Westview was perched in a tree beside the building he was released on last night. Eventually he climbed the tree and got back on the roof. From there, he took a flight towards the church and landed in a tree. He has moved now to another tree.

Ariel has been perched high up in a tree by the church. She seems to have a nice vantage point for watching the others.

Ojibway, (female), is being released onto the roof tonight and number 5 (still unnamed), is still in the nest, enjoying all the room!

Paul and Denis are keeping eyes on tonight’s release to make sure all goes well. Very long days for our team!

We sure need lots of eyes watching these guys this year! Many thanks to those who are spending long hours keeping track of all our fledglings!