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!!! Singleton, comes to ground

July 08, 2016 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Linda Woods Reports:

Singleton took off from his light post roost and came to ground south of the Sheraton. He was picked up by the good folks of First Canadian Place Security. FCP security protocol is to call FLAP for any downed birds.  Kudos to both FLAP and First Canadian Place for their quick response in aiding the young falcon.

FLAP called us and it was determined to transfer Singleton to Toronto Wildlife for a quick assessment and the results are…. he is good to go.

CPF is taking the opportunity to have Singleton banded and officially named and will be returning to the Sheraton tomorrow, July 9th.

Currently, Rhea Mae is on the nest ledge.

Will update tomorrow after Singleton is released back to the ledge.

Peregrine Follies will continue.

Thank you FCP Security, Paloma of Fatal Light  Awareness Program, and Toronto Wildlife Centre, and of course  Harry from CPF Sheraton Peregrine Watch