!!! We’re Back in Business

May 25, 2017 - Port Colborne - ADM Mill

Doug Garbutt Reports:

There have been a few years of frustration with the resident female Trillium who had a passion for eating her own eggs (more than 24 in about 4 years) thankfully she was driven away by 2 juvenile females last summer. The resident male (Buffalo Bill) is still here and the 2nd year Juvie who chased Trillium away & killed Red Bud from Kitchener in a violent battle last year is the new female here. We have not even given her a name yet. However we now have a successful  hatch. The young one appeared on about May 19th. There are also 2 more eggs in the nest. Our camera is pooched so it’s difficult to keep tabs on what’s going on but we will do our best.