The watch updates

June 17, 2017 - Etobicoke - William Osler

Marion Nash Reports:

June 11th 2017
William Osler brief update. Two boys fledged today. Romeo flew and landed on the window ledge and after another flight made it back to the nest ledge. Shadow took flight and landed on the same ledge that Romeo had just left minutes before. Another flight took shadow to the rooftop. One more flight was had by Shadow that landed him on the giant construction crane. Willow and Echo remain unfledged.

June 12th 2017
William Osler brief update. This morning when I arrived it was controlled chaos at the site. Two of the boys were flying around all over the place and landing in areas that made me frankly quite nervous. All I can say is that both boys made long flights landed decently and are in positions where we can clearly watch them. At this point we are counting heads and not looking at tape colours as they won’t sit still long enough. What I can say for certain is this, all three of the boys have now fledged. One is on the roof retaining wall, one is on the crane and the third is sitting on the roof on top of the pipe. Willow, who we have nicknamed Willow the pillow, is sleeping on the north side of the hospital tucked up against the pillar.