!!! Mt. Sinai Hospital peregrines are down involved in full time incubation activities!

March 29, 2019 - Toronto - Mount Sinai Hospital

Mark Nash Reports:

March 29th - 2019

Full time incubation has begun!
While on site in midtown Toronto this morning during my visit at another rooftop east of the Mt. Sinai hospital, I was able to utilize the birds eye view of the Toronto’s west views to get a good (although distant) clear view of the east side upper ledges of the Mt. Sinai Hospital and have some good news to report.

It was quite evident that a peregrine was down hard in incubation duties on the nest tray that we installed several years on the east lupper edge of the hospital. The adult peregrine never moved of her incubation duties throughout my hour long observation. While I was on the much higher Bay Street street rooftop, an adult male peregrine flew in from the Mt. Sinai hospital rooftop and flew over our heads in an very deliberate effort to “check us out” and see what we were doing. :-)

Sadly, I did not have the equipment to get any detailed information as to being able to identify any band numbers of the pair,, I can certainly confirm that the Mt. Sinai pair are incubating egg(s)!
Stay tuned….