!!! Some great news from the Duncan Mills nest site and Quest!! Egg(s)??? in the nest box!!

March 29, 2019 - Toronto - Don Mills

Mark Nash Reports:

Friday March 29th - 2019
Sadly, without a nest camera this season,, it’s back to our humble beginnings to get any detailed observations of the happenings going on, but my observations today yielded some very good news indeed. Just gotta do the time in the field (or streets as it applies to the urban nest sites).

As I look on, it still seems like yesterday that I held Quest in my hands as a while fluffy baby many years ago when I was down in Rochester New York while at the Kodak world headquarters nest site where Quest was produced, and painstakingly cut and trimmed her backpack harness and fitted her for the deployment of her PTT / satellite radio transmitter! I still have some of her baby pictures!

Both adults are on territory as we say and VERY ACTIVE indeed, on and off of the nest ledge and in the nest box itself! It would appear that while full time incubation has not yet started,,, I believe that is at least one egg in the nest box,,, as Quest,,, (YES, it’s still QUEST from Rochester NY) :-)) was fiddling with something in the nest box,, and holding pretty tight inside - (although standing, not laying down incubating).

Her mate,, (sadly no band confirmation / information as yet),, delivered food to Quest to another roof top to the west of the nest building,, and she left the nest box and joined him to eat there…… well, joined him is not exactly what happened,, as she flew over to him,, snached the food from him,,, ate it,, then returned back to the nest box :-))

Over the next 30 minutes or so during my observation, she remained standing upright in the nest box,, never actually laying down, BUT it was obvious that she had something in the nest box that she was “pussy-footing” around and fiddling with. The sun was really warm, with temps in the double digits of 10C and absolutely no wind,, it was a delightful warming observation period indeed.

Stay tuned….. more to come…..