!!! Confirmed… Storman has a new regular lady friend!!! Love is in the air!!!

April 11, 2019 - Toronto - King Street

Marion Nash Reports:

April 11th-2019
A big thank you to Michelle for sending her observations of the peregrine happenings (and some peregrine hanky-panky) that she observed today,,, and some great shots of two peregrines that she photographed back in January …

Michelle writes:

My name is Michelle, I work on the 27th floor of the Dynamic Funds tower at 1 Adelaide. We get frequent visits from Storman, at least we think its Storman based on our proximity to the 18 King Street nest.

On Monday I saw two peregrine falcons mating on a nearby building and a colleague of mine mentioned that she saw them mating outside our window on Tuesday. Love is in the air!

I have attached two photos that I took. I was able to grab a picture of them together back in January. We think that the other photo is of the ‘lady friend’. We came to this conclusion because she was on one ledge and he was on the other and Storman looked a little smaller than she did, but this is just a guess.

Great shots Michelle!!! While we can’t positively confirm that the male peregrine in one if your photos is in fact Storman (without a band identification),, we can confirm that one of the grins is absolutely a male and the other a female.

But is shure looks like Storman! We know him quite well! Remember that we have a long history with Stormin, as he was also the resident adult male for a number of years at the Yonge & Eglinton nest site - (the Canada Square nest site) with his previous mate named “Haven”. Haven is still nesting at the Yonge & Eglinton nest site with another mate.

As of date, while we are now only seeing one peregrine at a time down at the King Street site, (but still seeing both sexes off and on, just not at the same time), we’re pretty sure that they are down on eggs somewhere!!

The search is on in an effort to locate which ledge that they have decided to nest on??