June 24, 2019 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Canadian Peregrine Foundation
Published by Lucie
Day 6 .. Sunday morning started with AVRO flying from his perch at the condo to a billboard right at the corner of Bloor and Islington (busy intersection!) where he remained ALL day .. until he finally decided to walk over the low rise business buildings where he reached a corner .. and then .. took off. Problem was .. he didn’t take off, he just went to ground .. right in front of traffic and boy it was close! but we got him!! Thank you to my CPF friend Cathy Kerr, who was amazing!! She ran onto the road and we stopped traffic, and got this little bugger. Yay! Feisty guy looked good and even shook the carrier while he was supposed to be resting up.

Finally up on the roof, he was greeted by his sister and it all looked good until Mom decided she was going to tease them with food. It was too late at night (after 9:00) and we wished she just put them to bed. Instead, she just got them going. Sigh! So much commotion and at some point, it didn’t look like AVRO would made height, but it was getting dark and there was nothing we could do. We would have to wait until morning to see where they were.

Day 7 .. All 3 were sighted on Monday morning, and were quiet for most of the day, especially AVRO, who really vegged out all afternoon. i didn’t hear him during the day, but finally as I stopped by in the evening after 6, he was on the roof and hungry.

BLISS was on the condos without a care in the world. She must have been fed and was quite content. No sound from her at all. D’Arcy came in with food, and although both boys were screaming, it was AVRO, who was the real vocal one. D’Arcy brought in prey and prepped it in front of both boys on a perch just above them. She took the package and circled the building several times, finally stopping and giving some to ARIES. AVRO flew to the Mondolez building and D’Arcy went after him with the rest of the food and I didn’t see him after that. She stayed with him for a long time then flew back to the nest ledge. Lucky came in with some food for ARIES, then flew off to the west side of the Mondolez building.

What impressed me most about tonight was the difference from last night! Perhaps it’s because nobody was missing and D’Arcy and Lucky were more relaxed. Bedtime was a different routine. D’Arcy teased them at 7 pm (not like last night at 9 pm). There was no activity in the air and by 9 pm, everything was quiet!! Lucky was on the Moneris sign facing west. D’Arcy left AVRO on the Mondolez building and flew back to the nest ledge. ARIES saw her and flew to the south ledge of the nest building. He gave a few quiet screams then stopped. I saw BLISS take a flight back to the condos. Wow!! I waited a few more minutes just to be sure and left at 9:15.

Cheers, Lucie