June 21, 2019 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

This morning Avro who spent the night on the mezzanine came down and was rescued by Rob. Aries was doing well at this point having spent the night on a balcony rail of the falcon towers in the rain but was now up high and on the Starlight building. Griffon was still unaccounted for and Bliss the tank was on the ledge. Aries then took another flight that ended with a collision with the nest building and a flutter down to the street where Rob was waiting to scoop him up into a carrier. He dinged himself above his left eye and so was watched carefully throughout the day. Marion took a call at CPF head office from a tenant in an office suite of the nest building complex who had a bird down on the mezzanine area but this was not to be good news. Griffon was located on the upper mezzanine area and had suffered a fatal strike with the building. Lucie came in to relieve Rob and keep an eye on Bliss on the ledge. Lucky and Darcy spent the day looking for their three lost boys and you could tell they were very concerned. They would take turns making exhaustive searches for the three to no avail. Mark arrived and retrieved the body of Griffon as well as checked in on Aries and Avro. This evening, while Lucie and Cathy kept a close eye, Mark and I went topside to release the two boys back to their very anxious parents. The release went perfectly and Darcy was on the swing stage arms of the nest building in a flash. Lucky also made a very excited appearance on the roof visiting his newly rediscovered boys. One juvenile took a really good flight over to the Starlight building and landed smartly at roof level. The second juvenile took flight shortly thereafter and after bumping the condos and then circling around to make for home, he bumped the nest building and is spending the night at about half the height of the nest building on the edge of a balcony on the condos. While we are greatly saddened at the loss of Griffon so early on, we are grateful for the help of all of our amazing volunteers who have helped to save and keep this family as safe as we humans can. Thank you Rob, Lucie, Mark, Marion and Cathy for the great job so far. I will be down as early as I can tomorrow morning for the opening shift. More to come.