Hemera’s flying nicely now

June 17, 2019 - Kitchener - CTV-Bell Media Tower

Lisa Reh Reports:

Off to a shaky start for Hemera. On June 16th, Janice captured Hemera “imitating a moth” or perhaps thinking she’s a chimney swift.

Kellie reported: “We arrived around 7:20 p.m. and all five were accounted for. The excitement came near the end of the night (of course) when Jupiter became quite agitated around 8:30. After spending the whole evening on the microwave drum on the short tower, he did several hops from one side of the drum to the other. Finally, he took off toward the nest tower but WAY overshot (he had quite a bit of speed), ending up on the highest roof of the hospital. Mama Mystery took off after him, did a circle and then flew back to the tower. Lisa and I went over to King and spotted Jupiter moments before he took off back towards the nest tower, landing very nicely on the highest platform. Yey!!!

Shortly after, both Mama and Papa took off together to the Sun Life sign facing King. Randy, Lisa, Greg and myself left the site with all three kids on the nest tower, and two parents watching from afar at about ten to 9.

Hemera spent the whole time we were there about midway up the tower. I think at this point, Hemera is the most likely one to come to the ground, if any of them do. Apparently, she took some bounces today, and most notably she’s only about half way up the tower. That said, she may gain back her strength with some rest overnight, so fingers crossed.”

Monday morning, Lisa and Kellie were on the watch and Hemera was still half way up the CTV tower but had moved over a bit. Both boys were on top of Kings Tower near the corner facing King & Green Streets. One of the boys took a flight off of Kings Towers and landed on the front side facing KCI. Hemera started flapping like crazy just after Kellie left. There was a food drop on the tower and both adults were on the Kings Tower antennae. Lisa left at 8:45 and Randy arrived at 8:50.

Randy reported:

Hemera has not moved although getting vocal. The two boys flew to the top of the CTV tower. Mystery above.
9:36 While typing a message, Hemera flew and have not located her yet.
10:14 Found Hemera!! All 3 are on the roof of KT. She is being watched by dad.
1:49 When I left at 12:30 Martha and David were still there.
All 3 youngsters were accounted for in various locations on the Kings Tower roof. The parents have been trying to get them to fly. Mystery Man returned about noon with a package prepared. He landed on the back corner of the roof, waited for the kids to come and then proceeded to feed one individual continuously until it had its fill. I could not get positive leg band id but we believe it was Hemera. Both parents have been around all morning, sometimes soaring around the area.

Very happy to have re-found Hemera this morning. It was a tense time after she flew. Martha and I expected her to possibly be grounded so were pleased to find that she had a good flight to the KT rooftop.

David, Martha and Dale joined the afternoon watch.

David reported at 3:30: 2 kids on CTV tower, one just being fed on Kings aerial. Both parents took off hunting about 10 min ago. 3 youngsters still on King’s Towers, one flew down from chimney to the others, mostly can’t see them, except when they occasionally peek out. I think one chick just flew off, and disappeared behind King’s, not sure now where they all are. We think one adult is back on King’s radio tower. Keeping an eye out…

Dale reported:
When I left approx. 5:20 one youngster was on top platform of CTV tower facing the TV parking lot. Other two were over on KT aerial taking turns being fed by Mom and Dad. All three young had some good flights back and forth between KT and CTV nest box tower. Landings are improving. David and Heather were there when I left. Rudy was also there for a while but had to leave. Hope somebody can watch tonight just in case.

Heather reported at 6:15 – “One of the parents just brought food. Prepped on top of platform just about Hemera. Parent then took food to nest box then small drum aerial. Hemera took the cue and flew to KT. Parent still is on aerial either continuing to prep or eating! Two boys are high on KT tower on the metal thing that the wires attach to. The other parent lower on the tower. Hemera is on the parking lot edge of the roof waiting for food.”

At the end of the watch at 9:00 p.m. all 3 juveniles were on top of the CTV tower and the adults both were likely on the Sun Life tower. The one adult flew in that direction after the last boy flew in for the night. You could see them all from the hospital side, with Hemera at the top looking down at her brothers on the platform.