!!! Kawhi’s 1st flight!

June 15, 2019 - Kitchener - CTV-Bell Media Tower

Lisa Reh Reports:

Following a cold Friday night with all 3 young peregrines hunkered down in the nest box, June 15 proved to be a very exciting day for falcon fans. Kawhi took his first flight around 2:30 with Heather witnessing the big event! He flew to the hospital while Jupiter vocalized from the platform and Hemera from the nest box. He also flew to Kings Towers and back to the CTV tower.

Kellie reported: Greg and I arrived around 4.15 p.m. to a crowd of observers and we got the scoop from earlier in the afternoon. Happy news for Kawhi and his first flight! And great interview Heather!


Most people left before 5, except Martha. We saw Papa come in with a food package and then he passed it mid-air right in front of the nest box to Mama Mystery. I know they must do this at least daily but it’s always so incredible to witness. Mystery promptly took it away towards Sun Life presumably to prep it.

The drizzle became light rain, so we left for a bit for coffee and snack around 5:30 (Martha also left then) and all three kids were accounted for. When we returned about 15-20 mins later, Hemera was in the nest box dealing with a food package (unsure if that’s the one Mystery had taken off with), and both boys were on the platform. An adult was at the top section of the nest tower, in the red metal bars, so it was difficult to see. The boys had shifted positions to be facing out towards the cemetery side and the Pine Street side (unsure which was which) around 6:15-6:30. They all remained in those positions at least until we left around 5 to 7.

Photos courtesy of Christine Warren

Jupiter 1 Jupiter 2 Jupiter 3