Matrix comes down!!

June 12, 2019 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

DAY 5 FLEDGE WATCH! Wow, what a day it’s been!! When I drove up, I saw Matrix ledge hopping and girls on the nest ledge. I parked, got my stuff out of the car, went to set up and Matrix wasn’t on the ledge. I thought I saw three on the ledge, and as I was on my own, I set up and settled in. And that sinking feeling started… I only saw two. For heavens sake, these sneaky juvies!! I waited for Lucie to arrive, as I didn’t want to lose sight of the girls (man, I shouldn’t have worried, those ledge potatoes, as Marion calls them lol). As soon as Lucie arrived, I was off to check. No sooner had I left and Lucie was calling, a nice lady from the building advised her that there was a bird on a car in the parking lot! We headed back and sure enough, there he was! Not happy to see us though!! He took off through the parking lot to next door, gained a bit of height but brushed the glass building and came down! We ran over and I headed for where I saw him last, didn’t see him. I asked a very nice girl who was there if she had seen him and yes she did, he hadn’t flown out. We walked back and there he was, UNDER A CAR! My first such rescue lol. Got him out and into the carrier. He spent some time beside us. Bob joined us later. We watched the ledge potatoes lol. I had seen RZ earlier in the morning, he flew in chasing Dad, then circled around, went and saw his Mom and then headed east again. Doing great! Then it was time for Bob and I to put Matrix on the roof! It went well and he was up on the retaining wall in no time! He went to the back of the building, popped down and was gone! Ugh. Sneaky. Well no worries, he popped up on the next door rooftop with RZ!!!! Boys are back together!! It was lovely to see them! Mom and Dad were too and they were rewarded with food! After that, there were more rooftop flights and the night closed out with the boys up high and the girls on the ledge! It was a great day! Sorry for the long post but it was fun!! Lots of rain expected tomorrow, so the girls may just wait another day… We will see!