June 15, 2019 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Your well wishes were well worth it! That’s a lot of W’s. It would seem that Amanda heard all of your positive thoughts and comments today as Bruce has now officially scaled back the MEC watch to spot checks and it was seconded by Winston tonight. This morning Amanda made a flight from MEC 3 that landed her back on the nest ledge and she was on top of the nest box screaming to the world about her success. The parents were down at Burnhamthorpe and Hwy 10 with Drago so were not a part of the party at the time of her flight home. Not to be left out of a good time chowing down on breakfast, Amanda took another flight that took her out past MEC 2 and Bruce found her on a roof top with the rest of her family down at the bottom of Robert Speck Parkway and Burnhamthorpe!! The rest of the day she spent cheek to cheek with her brother Drago, enjoying lunch with her mother Midnight and flights accompanied by Renegade to other rooftops. Her flights were excellent and landings…well, we shall work on that! Bruce left the family down at the Robert Speck apartments in the late afternoon for a well deserved night at home and a reset for the next adventure to come. Winston headed down this evening to check out the family as both he and I were amazed to hear this news from Bruce. A bird that has been in a carrier three times, released three times and in between was underwhelming in her activity was now a flying ace. He wanted to see it for himself and see it he did. Winston was blown away by the increased level of confidence and skill in Amanda. Even though she still has lots to learn and many skills to master, Winston agrees that the first flight dangers for these fledglings has passed. Thank you to everyone that helped out with this watch, most of all Bruce and Winston. A huge thank you to Jacob and the crew at Paragon Security for the help in gaining access to release Amanda and to the amazing hosts that are MEC. The owners, tenants, staff and management have been so supportive and we can’t thank you enough, Congrats to Midnight, Renegade, Amanda and Drago on a great nesting season this year.