MOUNT SINAI Tracy reports

June 27, 2019 - Toronto - Mount Sinai Hospital

Tracy Simpson Reports:

For the past two evenings I have gone down to Mount Sinai to check in on the family of four and their progress. I can tell you that all four are flying exceptionally well.The most recent to fledge is still working out the details of flight. The landings are OK, the flights are still butterfly like and the best part is that the fledgling is maintaining altitude whilst learning. The other three have been out for a while. The first to fledge is very apparent when you’re down on site watching. This little one is quite the daredevil. He has given me a heart attack at least twice over the past two days by flying through the gap between Mount Sinai Hospital and Princess Margaret. That little alleyway isn’t that big and there are obstacles in the alleyway that you can’t see until you’re in it. But seeing as it has navigated this well at least four times it is now become a game for this young one. I don’t find it funny or amusing at all. The most interesting thing is that every night the resident female, her identity is still yet to be confirmed, rounds all of the kids up and brings them to the east facing side of the hospital for bed. Last night I had three juveniles on the ledges and the fourth was somewhere on the west side. The female took off and headed around behind the hospital and came out on the northside chasing a juvenile. She chased it, steered it and harassed it until it flew back to the hospital for bed. This is obviously the most experienced of the four based on its flight. Not only was it doing a good job of giving the female a hard time it also came around the south side of the hospital, did a short stoop and then did what we call a J up into one of the cubbyholes on the east face. Now that’s flying! Given all that I’ve seen at this site we have scaled it back to spot checks now and feel very confident that the family is doing well. I’m not sure who the individual was, I saw the posted comment today but can’t remember who posted it, but this fan of the birds was downtown today and was lucky enough to witness a game of tag being loudly played among the three most experienced flyers. Awesome observation and please do keep them coming! Congratulations Mount Sinai!!