RZ has his own room

June 12, 2019 - Toronto - Don Mills

Marion Nash Reports:

Marion Nash Reports:

Bob was out early to check on the chicks and found 3 still on the nest and RZee on the building next to 225 Duncan Mill on the very top. This building is at least as high as the nest building so good for him flying well.

When Mark and I arrived we also found 3 in the nest calling to Mom who was sitting on the window flashing above the nest box. Ok so where was RZee?

We did a walk around all the buildings and could not find him anywhere. We thought he must be lying down on one of the ledges and he would pop up sooner or later. After and hour or so I took another walk around and again could not see him anywhere so it was time to expand the search.

Since fledglings had in the past flown over to Bayview Glen School I walked over there to have a look but again no luck. On my way back I glanced at the Apartment buildings way over Don Mills Rd. and saw sitting on the roof what I thought might be a Peregrine so I checked it out through my binoculars and confirmed it way a peregrine kiting on the wind a bit with his legs hanging down about a foot off the roof and landing back on the ledge. This is RZee for sure.

It was so windy and I figured he had taken flight and got blown out over Don Mills Rd. and made a safe landing there so now we hope he will make it home, it’s a long way for a fledgling only a day out of the nest.

I headed back to our watch spot at 225 Duncan Mill to watch the other 3 and Mark, Bob and I watch the other chicks or should I say ledge potatoes spot checking RZee a couple times until the evening.

Sally and Cathy came to do the evening shift and set up to watch the 3 on the nest. at about 6:45 Dad brought RZee home with food and he got fed and Matrix was ledge hopping around to the east side of the nest building and back to the nest. After being fed RZee took off back toward Don Mills Rd. after a bit Dad followed. Mom sat on 225 for a bit then left as well.

When they closed the watch for the night the 3 chicks were still in the nest and Mom, Dad and RZee were out of site.