All is well at Bloor/Islington Report by Lucie

July 12, 2019 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Although this morning got off to a scary start! I got a text message from Rob that one of the kids might have hit the glass then veered off to the park north of Aberfoyle (the street on the north side of the three towers). I headed over asap, hoping that we weren’t looking for a dead bird. Bruce and Kathy were in the park watching AVRO, who was sitting on a hydro tower and not appearing to be injured .. whew!!!

Rob joined us and once we saw AVRO was okay, he showed me where D’ARCY was sitting in a nearby tree. The sound of agitated birds can be a great compass to locating their predator. She was perched not that high, possibly getting some shade or hunting .. either way, it’s a nice spot over Mimico Creek. This creek flows down to Humber Bay, D’ARCY’s former residence and a favourite go-to place for her and LUCKY.

After Rob and Kathy left, Bruce and I watched AVRO preening, getting harassed by the swallows, and I imagine, contemplating his next move. Sure enough, he took off towards the nest building. By the time we walked over to Eagle Road, AVRO and ARIES were back to their usual shenanigans and joined by BLISS. What a happy sight!! But the mystery remains .. was it AVRO that hit the glass or another bird??

The activity stopped before noon, but I stuck around for a bit anyway. There is very little that I do before I have my morning coffee .. this is an exception. Cheers, Lucie