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Cathy Kerr Reports:
Bruce opened the watch today(thank you Bruce for letting me sleep in!). Tardis actually popped up for a whole 15 minutes…sitting at the back of the ledge but its a start!!  Kepler made a few flights and made it to the roof!!!  A big accomplishment!! Just before I got there, he flew to the roof of 250 and out of Bruce’s sight.  And there he remained for the next 4 hours lol.  Bruce headed home and a few hours later, Sally joined me.
Pretty quiet in the afternoon until Kepler appeared on the roof near the nest (after resting on west side of the roof after his morning rooftop flights). At one point he peered down at Tardis and exchanged greetings with his sibling.A few more flights, each one more controlled with improved landings, the goal appearing to be getting to the nest. He made it back to much fanfare from Tardis! They had quite the reunion–was very cute. Food was dropped off and at one point a flash of bright yellow revealed a poor goldfinch, still intact and two unimpressed (hangry!) juvies not happy to have a ready to eat meal!
Kepler snuck out above us and decided to stay  on one of the nest building ledges for quite some time. His behaviour indicated he found a meal!  As evening closed in we saw less of Jenna, but towards the end of the watch she flew quickly east, then a while later back westward, back to Foresters. We assumed she might be hunting, but then wondered if she was on alert, considering the intruder who is probably still in the area (and would explain her behaviour)
We closed the watch with all four in view. Tardis on the nest ledge, Kepler on the top ledge of intel building. One parent on the intel sign (an eye on the kids and a view to the east) the other on the foresters roof with 360 view.  Maybe Tardis will ramp it up and fly tomorrow night?  Tune in tomorrow!

Kepler Tardis