July 29, 2019 - Toronto - Don Mills and Eglinton - Amexon

Cathy Kerr Reports:
A hot one!  Bruce opened the watch again. Saw Tardis briefly, some flapping before down into the nest again. But Kepler did not disappoint! Dad headed off east to hunt and Kepler decided to join him! He was heading for the blue glass condo on the other side of the DVP but couldn’t quite make it, so settled for the wee bit closer brown condos, about 5 balconies down! (it too is on the other side of the DVP) Way to go Kepler, that is quite a milestone…. And from there he flew over to the blue condo… Where dad kept an eye on him. Dad then decided he should head home and enticed him with a meal. Kepler didn’t seem to go for it and Bruce list sight of him. I was arriving at this point and I saw a parent on the ICICI sign and the backside of a peregrine going down onto the rooftop above parent. I drove in and as Bruce was leaving, Kepler flew in to the top floor of 250!! Home!! And there he pancaked out for the rest of the morning!
I took a break from the heat while our family was having their afternoon siesta.  I met up with Lucie later in the afternoon and we headed for shade and to watch Tardis.  With Kepler doing so well, we do not have to worry about him–we will enjoy watching him fly and learn from his parents.  And since Tardis is not very active, we can watch him now lol. Tardis is up and flapping more but still not quite ready.  Sally joined us in the evening-Kepler did a few short flights and was waiting to be fed…we were just talking about his amazing feat this morning, when off he went, quite low out and over the DVP, heading for the blue condo.  But he was way too low and kept going lower…we lost sight of him near the hotel.  We saw a parent fly up(Kepler had probably seen parent and went after them for food) and circle around high, near the 3 brown condos and then fly back to 150.  We searched but could see no sign of Kepler, but there are so many buildings and balconies over there.  Dad flew up above the nest ledge, prompting Tardis to scream for food.  Then we saw a parent flying back from the brown condos—so high and soaring-beautiful–but wait, a few wing flaps, soaring again, then landing with that landing only juvies make!!  Kepler was home!!  What a beautiful flight back, quite effortless…amazing flying by our little guy–We really don’t have to worry about him at all :)  The watch ended with Kepler flying out and back onto his nighttime ledge, where he got fed by Mom, and Tardis sitting waiting for her dinner which did not come…Mom and Dad want her to fly ….as much as we do lol…will tomorrow be the day?  Stay tuned….

Lucie has contributed her pictures to this post.  Enjoy!