July 30, 2019 - Toronto - Don Mills and Eglinton - Amexon

Cathy Kerr Reports:

Bruce braved the rain this morning… Tardis enjoyed the rain on the ledge and Kepler played in the heavy downpour on the roof above her! I arrived as the rain was ending and relieved Bruce.  I got to see Kepler make his first attempt at the letters..He was going after Mom.. Missed (both) and ended up on roof above the nest again. Dad joined him on the other side so I enjoyed seeing the whole family in one place for the rest of the morning. Kepler decided that the nest ledge would be a good place to spend siesta time and joined his sister there for the afternoon. I found some shade and was delighted to see both siblings pop up at the same time–lots of beaking-adorable!  Tardis then popped down again and stayed there while Kepler was visiting.  As soon as he left, she popped up but was quite subdued, it was quite hot today.  But Kepler did not disappoint me-lots of in particular, he was heading back to the nest ledge where Tardis was waiting, dead centre, Kepler was headed right for her when he missed, touching off the window right below her!  She was watching-probably thinking, no way I am doing that!!!  He flew out and right over and landed, quite nicely on the “S” of Sony -way to go Kepler, another milestone, done. As night was approaching , Tardis got fed and was visited by both parents, even a little beak feeding by Mom.  Kepler meanwhile tried to go to his top floor bed but missed and clung to the wall for a minute lol–peeked up at the ledge, decided nope, and flew back out then back onto the top floor, made it nicely.  I thought that was it for him but no, he decided he would rather spend the night on the “Y” of Sony, like a big boy.  He whined for a bit but then pancaked down for the night.  Dad flew over to the nest ledge, popped down and grabbed the uneaten portion of Tardis’s dinner and flew off with Mom in pursuit.  They flew in front of Kepler and around the building twice, but he was tuckered out so Dad ate it!  Another great day for Kepler…let’s hope the cooler weather tomorrow will entice Tardis to ramp it up a bit :)