DAY ONE FLEDGE WATCH: Kepler flies and Jenna saves him!!

July 26, 2019 - Toronto - Don Mills and Eglinton - Amexon

Cathy Kerr Reports:

A long day but a good one! Started off quiet, but Dad started trying to get Kepler ready to fly, flying in and out, showing him how! Lovely to see! But then alarm calls started, Mom and Dad were on high alert but then settled down but lessons ended. Lucie joined me in the afternoon and we finally got to see Tardis! Well his head anyways lol. Peeking over.. Very cute! But then Mom alarm called again and this time we saw the intruder! And Dad was after it in a flash.. Chased it off… But then Mom was on high alert for the rest of the afternoon while the kids snoozed. Sally joined us for the evening and then around 630, we had just talked about X flying at dusk last year, when off Kepler went!! Off the ledge and straight out, heading over to the DVP!! In a shot, Jenna was after him! She bumped and turned him back, then flew with him, bringing him over to the other building! Where he slightly batted on the wall, then dropped down onto the second floor from the top ledge!!!!! It was amazing to watch… Jenna saved him! He checked out his ledge, looked in all the windows and rested. Both babies got fed and settled on their ledges for the night!! Looking forward to seeing some more great flying tomorrow… And maybe all of Tardis? Lol