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Cathy Kerr Reports:

What a day! Bruce arrived early to find Kepler had flown back to the nest building, 3 floors from the top!  Bruce left briefly and we both arrived to find him back on 150, top floor!  Good job Kepler!  He then kept flying!  He batted more than once but landed up each time! Bruce left but Sally joined me shortly after and enjoyed watching Kepler fly…not always pretty but he kept going, learning as he went.  There was one flight were he was losing height and it was Dad’s turn to be the hero and bumped him up!!  Great job Dad!  The wind gusted him low and to the back of 150 but he came back and landed high again.  Mark and Marion joined us for the evening.  Kepler was very hangry lol and flew again and again–he was trying to get back to the nest ledge(where Tardis was eating).  He didn’t make it but was close–right next to it and Mom finally fed him….and then he was down for the night.  A very tired peregrine but a strong one…I don’t think I have ever seen so many flights from a newly fledged peregrine in one day before…there were at least 12 flights today from the little guy!!  Tardis popped her head up a couple of times but that was it…Its Khalessi all over again ….Going to be a long week..but at least I can enjoy watching Kepler keep on going!