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Marion Nash Reports:

Published by Cathy Kerr · July 2 at 9:50 PM ·

We got a call from the great management at Amexon - their HVAC system was down and their workmen had to fix it, yep, on the roof! And they wanted our help to keep workers and birds safe.. Good people. The guys were really great, respectful of the birds.
Chester came flying over to check us out, was pretty chill actually–thankfully where they had to work was not right by the nest ledge. Then up popped Jenna! She sat there checking us out…and stayed there for the 3 plus hours they were there working!! The guys were very impressed lol. I left to pick up my dog and came back as they were finishing up. They said Jenna had just “disappeared” moments ago–I said she probably was down feeding her kids! I popped my head over and saw her feeding two beautiful bobbleheads ❤ ❤ ! She echupped for Dad(who was nowhere to be found-I had already checked) but I was out of there in less than a minute…she had had enough disruption, I am sure. But way to go everyone involved…from the guys to mom and dad, who stayed calm. And so glad to see two healthy babies ❤ ❤