It’s two boys for Jenna & Chester!!

July 11, 2019 - Toronto - Don Mills and Eglinton - Amexon

Cathy Kerr Reports:

Banding Day at DON MILLS /AMEXON yesterday!! Meet Kepler (male) and Tardis (either a large male or a small female, a larger female band was put on him to be safe… Time will tell ). Kepler was banded 04 over AW with blue tape(unfortunately he was banded first as the blue should have gone on Tardis ). Tardis was banded Z over 30 with red tape. Many thanks to Mark Heaton, Eva Bobak and Marion Nash for doing the banding!

While we were in at the banding, Mark Nash and John Millar were braving the heat and Jenna and Chester! AND exciting news, a nest tray was installed on the nest ledge!! Mark built it this week, and we got permission from the building management to put it up! Many thanks to Ashling and Amexon!! Then Mark and John had to haul the almost 100 lb tray and 3, 88 lb bags of pea gravel, up to the roof, in that heat, and then lower it down to the nest ledge! Lucie was on the ground and got some fabulous pictures, which she has shared a few with us, thank you Lucie! Hopefully, Jenna and Chester will like it .  Kepler and Tardis were returned to the nest ledge and put in the nest tray. Kepler immediately bolted out and tucked in the corner, Tardis stayed put lol. I took some pictures (thank you Lucie for lending me her camera to capture that!). Great day! Fledge watch starts in two weeks !!!! Can’t wait!