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Cathy Kerr Reports:
Bruce arrived to find Tardis on the white HVAC. Didn’t see Kepler.. Then Tardis flew back to 250, all by herself lol. Then parent came and she chased parent and Kepler joined in. Then back and forth before Tardis went down for a nap on 150., Kepler continuing to bug the parents and fly around.

When I arrived I got to see her fly over and onto the HVAC, Kepler came out a little late to chase but followed her over. He then did what bratty brothers do, he flew up to the HVAC and bugged his sister lol.  Sally joined me then and Bruce headed out. We saw a few more flights and then it was quiet. We suddenly heard alarm calling to the south of us. Then it sort of moved around above us and to the north east…Sally hopped up to go out to look up and immediately spotted a peregrine and something larger. A hawk? And flying, as hard as he could, Kepler!! With the sun high and bright it was hard to make out at first but definitely a hawk accompanying Kepler…. That explained the alarm call and sure enough one parent, then the other, darted into to make their displeasure known! Kepler flew out of the fray, as we watched the hawk get hit, and chased, around 150 and all the way to the Forrester building! We lost sight for a second and then there they were on the north side of the building where it tried to land but Mom and Dad were having none of that! It was stooped and smacked and escorted out of the area. It was quite something and we hope the hawk was OK. This watch has certainly had its share of “intruders”. Not only have we watched the falcons, we’ve watched assaults on turkey vultures, a coopers hawk, a red tail and now what we think was another red tail. No rest for the parents this fledge year. Who knows. The Don Valley is full of parks and ravines that host all sorts of wild life. But perhaps the hawks are surprised that they’re getting beaten up in August, when they’re usually getting harassed in June! After all that excitement, everyone went down for their afternoon siesta….
Part two is tomorrow…I have to go to bed lol