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Cathy Kerr Reports:
We have the best security people at our site!  I got a call early this morning(woke me ) saying a peregrine was down…I was on my way in no time.  The security guard at 250 had pulled into his parking spot this morning and saw one of our babies on the lowest level retaining wall.  He called me and there I found her, Tardis!  More than likely a slip and fly but we will never know.  Bruce had just arrived so we both did the rescue…but not before she took one look at us approaching and slipped around us and was on the run lol…then flew low through the garage, thru the gate and landed on the wheel chair ramp, directly below the nest!  Bruce and I worked together and had her scooped up in no time…she is a fiesty one…biting through the towel, hissing and kicking…just the way we like them.  Full of piss and vinegar lol.  We popped her into a crate and after a discussion with Marion Nash, it was decided that Bruce and I would release her back up onto the nest building roof.  It has a high retaining wall, shade and a place for her to rest up and more importantly, her parents could find her there.  The release went smoothly–Jenna and Chester didn’t even know we were there.  By the time we got down, Mom had already flown over and found her, and so had Kepler!  In no time it seemed, he had popped down to see her.  And around 11:30, Mom flew to the retaining wall directly above the sign…and within minutes, up popped Tardis!  She chased Mom off and then made her way across to above the nest…and it was her turn to look down onto the nest and see her brother there…he spent the afternoon siesta there as did Tardis…she never moved from that spot.  Then around 3:30 or so, Kepler flew up to see his sister…lots of beaking and sweet moments between them.   Kepler decided he would show his sister how fun it was to fly–and boy did he put on a show!  Was great to watch…Tardis enjoyed it as well I am sure, but she decided she had quite enough today and stayed put for the night.  Kepler chose the letters for bed again tonight.
Jenna and Chester had a big day today as well,  they both chased and attacked a turkey vulture(he won’t be coming back–he really got it) and then we watched in amazement as a Cooper’s Hawk flew low and through the parking lot going east…couldn’t believe he made it without notice from the parents.  But then he pushed his luck…he flew back through and this time Jenna went after him–whacked him a good one….doubt he will be coming back either.  Good job by the parents, keeping their babies safe.
Thanks to Lucie, Sally, Mark and Marion for joining me today….great to have the extra eyes!  Maybe tomorrow we will get to see our girl fly….
And thanks to Lucie for her great pics!