August 03, 2019 - Toronto - Don Mills and Eglinton - Amexon

Cathy Kerr Reports:

Bruce opened the watch finding all where they were the night before.  Then both Tardis and Kepler flew out and around the building landing on 150.  Tardis then spent some time watching Kepler fly before flying back to the nest building rooftop.  Kepler was good and let her fly.  Mom came in with food and Tardis went for it–and got it!  More food was brought in and Mom attempted a food transfer with Kepler but it was unsuccessful. Mom made sure Kepler got the food though this time.  Then about 9am, Tardis flew out over the highway, turned back and flew south over to the buildings with the solar panels.  Bruce lost sight of her behind the garage so walked over and saw her on the solar panels.  He walked over to those buildings but by the time he got there, she was gone.  When I arrived he still hadn’t seen her.  But I knew how much she loved her home building and we figured she was pancaked up there somewhere….and around 11:30 she popped up lol.  Bruce headed off.  And then I was treated to some amazing flights by the whole family!!  I couldn’t keep up!  Mom and Dad had a lovely reunion on the nest ledge and then were off…Kepler made many flights.  And our girl Tardis flew too but this time, Kepler chased her every time!  He wanted to play…he loves his sister.  At first, Tardis was a bit thrown off, missing her landings-first one she kinda slid onto the roof but was fine, next one she missed and landed on the white structure up there and finally, she was landing fairly well on the rooftop ledge.  It was so great to watch!  Then it was down for their afternoon siesta…More flights and chases in the late afternoon…Sally and her friend joined me for the evening but things were quieting down and shortly after, the kids were fed with Kepler completing his first food transfer!!!  Way to go Kepler!   After that, Tardis was done for the night.  Kepler tried very hard to get her to fly but no way.  I closed the watch with Tardis on 250 roof and Kepler on his letter.  Hoping to see Tardis make some landings on the ledges tomorrow but she is doing great!  I am attaching one complete flight and chase, and a few other landings…I have quite a few!