Tardis has stayed in town and Jenna & Chester are doing well!!

February 20, 2020 - Toronto - Don Mills and Eglinton - Amexon

Cathy Kerr Reports:

Hello! I am finally updating on Don Mills /Amexon /ICICI: Our girl Tardis has stayed in town.. Unusual but not unheard of! She has been spotted, and pictured, since November, downtown along the waterfront, well fed and doing well ❤️. I have been watching her parents, Jenna and Chester, all winter long around the nest site. For a while I would only see one bird at a time but finally, Jan 13, I spotted 2! One on the west corner of ICICI, and the other on the south corner… But wait… Did I see 2 on the south corner?? Oh yes I did!!! Three!!!! And my coworker can verify (I was so excited, I made her double and triple check for me lol) this! Now, I cannot say 100 % what three I saw but… Peregrines defend their territory and I doubt very much they would just sit together watching a intruder hang out on their building…. Sooooo, was it Tardis home for a visit??!! I would like to think so. The very next day I watched Chester chase a poor hawk out of the site (the poor thing took quite a few hits and landed on the apartment building to the south, scattering pigeons every where… Lost sight of it there lol) so…. Would he have sat watching an intruder the day before??!! Hmmm… What do you think ? The last picture is of the two of them on Tuesday, hanging out on their favourite sign. Hoping for the best for them this upcoming season, which is coming up fast… I can’t wait !!

The 1st picture is of Tardis, Nov 4.19 taken by Miles Hearn.  The 2nd, is of Tardis, Dec 15.19 taken by Brian Bailey.  3rd pic if of Tardis, Dec 22.19, taken by Vincent Falardeau.  The 4th, Chester, 5th, Jenna taken Jan 14, 2020.  Last picture is of Jenna & Chester taken Feb 18, 2020.