Raptorette in Indiana ( may start a family of her own this spring)

March 22, 2020 - Toronto - Canada Square Building - Yonge and Eglinton

Marion Nash Reports:


I was put in contact with Tracy Simpson she provided me a very nice reply with information. I also reported the band as you know. I have sent her some information and pictures but here is the information. I live in Anderson, IN and last April an adult male Peregrine Falcon showed up that was banded. It was banded in Canton, OH in 2012. He was soon joined by an adult female. At some point the adult female was replaced with a second year female. Then a little bit later the banded adult male left and was replaced by an unbanded male. I worked with Indiana DNR to get a nest box installed but it was late in the season and a young bird so no luck. She molted into a nice adult plumage and both of them stuck around all winter. However, both birds disappeared on March 4th. Despite a lot of looking by a couple of us no luck. Suddenly on March 15th the banded male from 2019 showed back up and brought with him a young female banded bird. It just happens to be Raptorette that you banded last year J

I attached pictures as well as my ebird checklist.


So to answer your question she is about 475 miles away and doing well. I witnessed them copulating this morning and they are interacting a lot so I am hopeful they will attempt this year even though she is young.

Let me know if you have any more questions.