!!! Report from Hamilton Peregrine Project. 2 Hatched!

April 29, 2020 - Hamilton - Sheraton Hotel

Marion Nash Reports:

Tuesday, April 28, 2020 - Shortly after 8am this morning, Lily left the nest, and as Ossie came in to replace her, a beautiful white head poked up above the edge of the ledge (first photo). A few minutes later Lily returned with the first meal, and during feeding it became obvious that she was feeding a second chick. At 12:30, more food was brought to the nest, and we got a clear look at both chicks (second photo). Judging by the dry white down on the chicks, it seems likely that the first hatching occurred sometime overnight. Will there be more? With this year’s brooding conditions having been optimal, we can’t see why not. Hatching can occur over a span of several days. So we will be watching feedings closely, to see how many heads poke out in the days to come!

CPF and the Hamilton Peregrine Project are trying to work out a date to band the chicks hopefully May 16th watch for updates.

Snap shots from the Web cam.