May 16th Hamilton Sheraton Hotel Banding

May 16, 2020 - Hamilton - Sheraton Hotel

Marion Nash Reports:

CPF volunteers Anne Yagi and Mark Nash banded 2 healthy chicks at the Hamilton Sheraton Hotel today. Thanks to the Hotel for all their help and assistance and the Hamilton Peregrine Project team for getting everything set up and ready for us. Our long time volunteer climber John Miller again did the extraction of the chicks and everyone was very appreciative of his bravery and expertise.

There was one female and one male their names and band information is listed below. The names were given by the Hamilton Community Peregrine Project

Male-named Griffin weighed 517 grams at 18 days old his Canadian black band is 15 over W
Female- named Whitehern weighed 720 grams at 19 days old her Canadian black number is Z47

There are very few volunteers to help with the fledge watch this year so if anyone living in the Hamilton area is interested in helping out please log onto our volunteer page and fill out a volunteer form and someone from the Hamilton team will be in contact with you.