Toronto Sheraton Centre May 19th 4 chicks banded

May 19, 2020 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Kathy Reports:

Two bandings today - this morning was at Toronto /Sheraton Centre… Welcome Timbit(male, 615g, 26 days old, banded 02/AW, Blue tape), Vimy(male, 630g, 26 days old, banded 05/AW, white tape), Epione(female, 875g, 25 days old, banded Z/37, Red tape) and Marriott(male, 610g, 26 days old, banded 06/AW, yellow tape)! Congrats to Mum(unbanded) and Dad… Stormin! Yes, Toronto’s long time resident, is calling Sheraton home this year, and he’s looking good too . A very cute, fiesty bunch of chicks and a fierce couple of parents here. We would like to thank all involved to help accommodate “our special needs” during this unusual times of social distancing.