Rey fledges–maybe Hopper too?

June 17, 2020 - Toronto - Don Mills and Eglinton - Amexon

Cathy Kerr Reports:

FLEDGE WATCH: TORONTO/DON MILLS/AMEXON: Sorry, I am late with this one! Doing two fledge watch sites is busy-I decide to finish Toronto/Don Mills first, then didn’t get home til 11:30pm Friday night and it just got away from me lol. So, with help from Sally and her notes(bless her), who was there every day all day with me–here goes(I am doing separate posts for each day with pics)

JUNE 11/12: Thursday I was running back and forth so only spent a couple of hours here. I saw all three FINALLY on the nest ledge and was thrilled to see them all. I got a few pics off then back to Quest & her brood.
Friday, Sally & I were there all day. We arrived to find only 2 on the ledge, parents on the buildings. Hmmm, please don’t tell me we missed a fledge! Parents weren’t looking or seemed concerned. Tons of food going into the nest-was there just a shy Hopper(we saw the other 2) at the back of the nest? He was old to be fledging(42 days already)-hope he was ok. We watch who we can see…all we can do.A late lunch contributed to nothing much happening until after 3pm–And we finally saw a fledge! A strong flight, southbound and losing altitude.Parents had the juvie in sight though and Cathy found the juvie…solar panels scaffolding. Juvie attempted to return but strong winds redirected the juvie to the solar panels. Jenna flew over and spent over an hour showing her girl how to get herself out of this-hopping onto rails and back and then flying out and back. It really was something to watch! Then she headed back to the buildings to watch. Seagulls buzzed and dived. Eventually our juvie flapped over onto the scaffolding, got clipped by a seagull and ended up looking rather defeated and unsure on lower solar panel railing.
I think the ultimate was realizing we hadn’t stopped to check WHO had fledged and who we were watching until near the end of the watch when Cathy looked up to check the juvie on the ledge and realized it was a red band (after we were convinced red may have fledged, because of her eagerness running back and forth and lots of wingersizing)
We’re pretty sure it’s Rey who fledged. NOTE: After looking at our pics, we knew it was Rey who fledged lol
Cathy & Sally