And then there were 3!!!

June 14, 2020 - Toronto - Don Mills and Eglinton - Amexon

Cathy Kerr Reports:

Well,I didn’t feel like staying at home, so I headed back over to close the night out. And was I ever glad I did! I got my bins on those dots over at the condos-and, two..THREE!! Do I really see THREE!! Camera out, got the pic, blew it up and yep, all three juvies on the condo roof!! Whoohoo. Back together again. I called Sally and she was there in a flash. We happily watched them flying around over there and then got to see a juvie fly all the way home and land on the Intel building!!! It ended up that it was Rey!!! Great flight . Would the other two joing her? Nope. And back she flew lol. We closed the night out watching those dots–tho we did try going over for a closer look(the condos are private and gated so no go). We had seen one juvie fly and land on a balcony(high up) on the outside of the glass. Now it looked like outside a party room, so thankfully no one to disturb him/her for the night(of course this happened at close to dark). So that is where he was for the night. A very sad start to our day but a joyful end to the day, to see these 3 together again. And since all are flying very high and well, we close this watch already with spot checks ahead(I was determined to see if they would come home). Looking forward to seeing some great flying from these 3 in the days, weeks to come!!