Artemis is flying well

June 18, 2020 - Kitchener - CTV-Bell Media Tower

Lisa Reh Reports:

As the summer is upon us, our official fledge watch is now at an end. Artemis is flying well and confidently on his own. He has been sighted with and without his parents on higher flights.

On June 18, Karen reported that the peregrines had a wee visitor to the site: “…today while at the peregrine watch, Sandye and I witnessed a bird flying around the top of the CTV tower. We assumed it was Artemis as we had just seen him in that area and one of the adults was on the tower below him keeping an eye out. We witnessed a bird doing circles…maybe 4 to 6 times …around the top of the tower and thought that kind of an odd flying pattern for a peregrine and the adult especially not joining in. I did notice an odd flash of red but didn’t question it until all of a sudden it flew towards us and landed on a closer shorter tower…we both shouted…its an American Kestrel! (male) It perched there for at least 5 minutes while we observed it and the Peregrines made no move to try and get it out of the area like it does for turkey vultures etc. I assume there was no threat felt by either party.”

Hope is doing well, however her eye is pretty bad and the refuge centre is working with a veterinary ophthalmologist on that. She has soft tissue injuries to the shoulder and head and eye trauma. Unfortunately, she may not be able to be released anytime soon if at all.

Falcon fans in KW will still be keeping an eye on the skies hoping to see some more flight training of Artemis.