Empty nest

June 17, 2020 - Kitchener - CTV-Bell Media Tower

Lisa Reh Reports:

The CTV cam is now an empty nest. Artemis is getting the full attention of Mystery and Engima now that he is the only fledgling at the site. There is still no sign of Casey and Hope is grounded due to her injuries. Rudy took to a wildlife refuge today. She is eating pigeon which is good news that she doesn’t have to be force fed. They are attending to Hope and will let us know what they find.

Karen reported at 9:09: “I found Artemis on the King Street side of the tower on the level below the nest box. Both parents are either a level above and one below. Artemis was preening. No signs of any other bird.” The parents are being very protective of Artemis as Sandye reported at 11:51: “Artemis, Enigma and Mystery are all on the CTV tower. Artemis took a little flight a short time ago, accompanied by a parent and landed on the top level of the tower.” At 1:28, Karen reported: “Artemis had a flight earlier. Both parents have been around and both left for quite awhile. When Artemis flew from the middle he ended up landing on the top level. Just now one of the parents brought Artemis a package.”

At 5:09, Dale reported: “Not much activity this afternoon. Both adults encouraged Artemis to fly but he’s staying put on the top level of the CTV tower and just moving around a bit.” David reported at 6:28: “A bit of action. I had lost Enigma, not sure where he went. Suddenly at least one adult appeared, and after some noise and possibly 2 adults appearing briefly, Artemis took off, I think followed by Enigma. They did a couple of circles, then Enigma led him up very high, and I think past the Sun Life building, and higher yet. After at least 2 minutes Artemis seemed to tire of it, and flew, soared and descended to the top of the Kings Tower antenna. He sat there for about 20 minutes, then took off for another flight almost as high and far, finally returning to the CTV top platform where he now sits.” At 6:51: “Found Artemis, top platform, lounging on the grate, just in front of the corner closest to the hospital parking garage. Can see him from below.”

Tara and Randy ended the watch and reported: “Artemis took off for a flight on his own north and when he returned Mystery seemed to attempt to ‘herd’ him. He’s now on the Hospital roof where we have eyes on him.” Just after 8:00, all 3 were on the CTV tower. Randy reported: “At 8:30, Enigma flew towards downtown Kitchener and has not returned. Mystery is perched between the platforms and Artemis is tucked in for the night behind the big drum at the top of CTV tower.”

Photo courtesy of Karen von Knobloch