June 26th / 2020 SECOND CLUTCH OF EGGS! 4 NEW EGGS!!!

June 27, 2020 - Scarborough - Yellow Pages

Marion Nash Reports:

At the request of the building management as a result of the recent activity of the grins on their building, I attended the Scarborough nest site to get a better understanding of the happenings and update the management group as to the activity of their resident peregrines. Remembering that my last visit on June 17th confirmed that the first clutch of 3 eggs had failed and that the resident adults had abandoned their first clutch of three eggs.
Well, did we get a surprise when as we entered the upper rooftop walkway, as we were both aggressively persued and stooped by the resident adult female (non-other than Linn - clearly identified by her black-band 91 over V) the long-standing adult female)!!
As we moved around the building checking the 8 nest ledge pockets, I have confirmed that the original first clutch of 3 eggs is still there unattended on the southeast corner ledge.
That said, as we moved around the to the North-east corner column checking each ledge, the intensity of her aggression magnified 10x fold and we now know why! a second clutch of 4 eggs was observed in the nest pocket on the North-east column! *See attached photos.
Given the timing of my last visit on June 17th, (only one set of eggs that failed) and no others on any of the other ledges,,, and in consideration that there are NOW four new eggs on another ledge,, I suspect that they were layed sometime between June 18th and June 22nd,,, with full-time incubation starting around June 23rd. With this in mind,, if they are in fact **fertile and the incubation goes well, we should see a hatch in 33 to 35 days as of June 23rd,,,
Expected hatch around the week of July 26th to July 1st.
** It is important to know, that I did NOT see a resident male during this visit, and still have a question in my mind as to the presence of a resident male on site. If not,, these eggs may not be fertile.
Stay tuned…….